Wednesday, October 6, 2010

My Ode to Hip Hop

Wrote this back in highschool, and I lost ALL evidence of the original. I've been trying to recall the whole poem from memory since Friday, and after a drink or two, it finally hit me yesterday:

Is it strange that I call you my Hip Hop?
Strange was not my intention,
I’ve only witnessesd your transition
From that B-Boy stance on the party scene
To that “thug” on the block with that gangsta lean
And if I have to give it all away, I wouldn’t decline
Just you hear that bass line thump one more time

Hip Hop…

I’ve watched you extol the inspiration
To move generations
Of different faces and races
Closer to making Changes with strangers
That you could just


The way the needle connects with the vinyl,
The way my pen connect with paper
The way I connect with


I can’t help the fact
That I just want to lie back and be
Overwhelmed by your stroke
Of pure genius

I want to make the rearview shake
I want to make the seats vibrate
And if you let me,
I want to create a whole ‘nother melody with you

Getting lost in your synths
Up and down between proving claims
Of me scream your name
Though the forms have changed
You’re still one in the same

Just to wake up again
With my head on your chest
As we rest
Listening to your bass line thump


I am in love with the music
I am in love with Hip Hop
I am in love with You

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