Sunday, November 14, 2010

Friday Night Lights: Missez Turner's Review

What good is being the one, when you the only one that knows it?


Earning roughly 4,000 page views per second, Cole’s website, was shut down hours before his latest mixtape, Friday Night Lights even dropped. When he finally did put the link up on his twitter (@JcoleNC), fans had no choice but to patiently wait in line while hosting sites like Mediafire and Megaupload could wrap their heads around what was actually going on (I spent 35 minutes downloading on one of Comcast’s fastest connections).

The mixtape was well worth the wait. With a tracklist 20 songs strong, Friday Night Lights accomplished what only a few artists have managed to accomplish with the last few years—he gave us a mixtape that sounds like it should’ve been an album. Friday Night Lights includes a few “old” but new leaks, a couple new songs, and even a remix to one of my all time J. Cole favorites, “In the Morning,” featuring Young Money’s own, Drizzy Drake. Other guest appearences include Wale on “You got it,” Omen on “Enchanted” and even Erykah Badu’s voice makes a guest appeareance on the, admittedly too deep, “Too Deep for the Intro.”

J. Cole provided the perfect mixtape to hold our attention in an industry notorious for shelving lyrical artists, and pushing back album dates. From the B!nk-produced and Nas inspired  Villematic to the self produced “Blow Up” (which instantly reminded me of Old school Kanye)the album is a consistent effort that I have yet to hear a complaint from.

If this is just the mixtape, I cant wait for the album (knock on wood :-P ).

My favorite Tracks:

Love Me Not (Honorable Mention)

5. Villematic
4. Enchanted
3. Before Im Gone
2. Premeditated Murder
1. Too Deep For the intro

Here's a bonus that didn't make the final cut:
Purple Rain - J. Cole

If you dont have Friday Night Lights already, go here to get it.